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Spring/Summer Planting

If you are eating seasonally, you are eating fruit and vegetables that have been grown naturally and are naturally at their best.  This means the fruit and vegetables that you grow have extra flavour, extra crunch and extra juiciness.  Some of the produce that you buy in the supermarkets are picked well before they were ready and out of season produce is flavourless.  So always eat and grow seasonal produce.

Below is what we can grow in the Spring/Summer here in W.A.  We are lucky over here in the West as we can just about grow spring/summer produce going into our autumn/winter season.  For example; We can grow Cherry Tomatoes well into the cooler months.  It is really trial and error on your behalf as to what works in your garden.  You will have some winners and losers, but the important thing to remember is to never give up.  If you are having trouble come along to one of our workshops to learn more or to just ask questions.

Dont forget to have fun because "Growing your own Food and Medicine" is fun.

Below is only a few varieties that are available - There is plenty more.  The list below doesnt inclued the herbs and vegetables that you can grow all year, wo before you plan your Spring/Summer plantings, remeber to include the All Year round Herbs and Vegetables.

Asparagus – Connovers Colossal - Bright green spears with deep purple tips.  Large thick spears that produce a huge yield.  Sow direct in well-rotted manure.

Asparagus – Mary Washington - Most popular heirloom variety.  The delicious spears are tender, thick, heavy and straight.  Sow direct in well-rotted manure.

Basil – Holy - Potent herb used to treat colds, coughs and flu.  Keep as a perennial by cutting it back before it starts to flower.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Basil – Lemon - Has a strong lemon scent.  Add to rice dishes.  Hardy herb.  Plant in containers and it will help to repel mosquitoes and flies.

Basil – Lime - The leaves and stem taste like lime.  The aroma and flavour is quite strong.  Ideal in a herb garden, border or even a patio pot.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Basil - Sweet - A tender aromatic plant with a spicy odour and flavour.  Used to flavour soups, stews, tomato dishes, meat, fish and egg dishes.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Basil – Thai - Licorice flavour growing to 45cm.  Perennial.  Used in Thai and Vietnamese cooking.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Beans – Adzuku - Annual Vine.  Grown for its use as a dried bean and can be sprouted.  Grow in full sun.  Can be sown direct in ground.

Beans – Borlotti - Dwarf Bush Bean ‘Red Rooster’. Plants produce large pods that are green with red speckles.  Pods are excellent eaten when young. Sow Direct.

Beans - Blue Lake climbing – Dating back to 1885, this is a prolific climbing bean with long, steady cropping pattern of tender and tasty green beans.  They do will in our summer heat and remain sweet and tender when cooked. Sow Direct.

Beans – Cherokee Wax – This type of bean is a bush variety.  They are a butter bean with yellow pods that are crisp and tender when picked when young.  Sow Direct

Beans – Purple King - Produces flat bright purple pods.  Called Magic bean as purple pods turn green when cooked.  Sow in direct.

Beans – Simba - Round dark green heavy crop bush bean.  It has excellent taste and shelf life.  Sow direct.

Beans – Red Kidney - An early, light red kidney bean with good flavour.  Excellent for Chilli, bean salads and soups. Sow Direct.

Beans – Scarlet Runner - Climbing bean grown in full sun.  Attractive red flowers that are edible.  Seeds can be used fresh or as dried beans.  Sow in direct.

Beans – Tongue of Fire - Long pods to 20cm.  Pods are green with red stripes when immature and when mature turn creamy white with red stripe. Sow Direct.

Beans – Westralia - Early maturing climbing variety with 20cm dark green pods and white seeds.  Developed for Australian conditions. Sow Direct

Capsicum – Californian Wonder - Mid-season sweet bell pepper with crisp, thick walled fruit that ripens from dark green to bright red.  Sow in direct.

Capsicum – Chinese Giant - Large, sweet and mild heirloom with dark green to bright red fruit with thick walls.  Sow Direct or in Punnets.

Capsicum – Chocolate - Sweet chocolate brown coloured heirloom.  Does not taste like chocolate but is rather sweet.  Sow Direct or in Punnets.

Capsicum – Golden Wonder - Developed in the 1920’s. Can be picked when green or left to ripen and picked when golden yellow.  Sow in direct.

Capsicum – Marconi Red - Italian heirloom sweet variety.  Ripens when red.  Early producing.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Capsicum – Sweet Banana - A sweet and tasty variety.  Very productive producing yellow, banana shaped fruit that turn orange then bright red.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Celeriac – Alabaster - Large roots with a delicious celery flavour.  Commonly used in soups and stews.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Celeriac – Giant of Prague - A Heritage variety from around 1871.  Globe shaped with a slightly flattened base.   Slow to germinate.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Corn – Bicolour - Mixture of white and yellow kernels on one cob.  Most popular corn variety for home growers.  Sow direct.

Corn – Golden Bantam - Dwarf yellow sweet corn that grows to 1.5m and produces 1 cobs per plant. Sow direct.

Cucumber – Beit Alpha - Delicious, very sweet, usually picked small.  Burpless variety that has a great shelf life.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Cucmber – Eva - Early maturing sweet medium long size fruits which are great for salad and preserving.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Cucumber – Green Gem - Old reliable heavy yielding compact variety.  Produces dark green smooth skinned and very white fleshed.  Sow direct

Cucumber – Jefferson - Yellow Skin.  Grown in rich well drained soil.  Best grown on a trellis with no overhead watering.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Cucumber – Lebanese - Small Cucumber with dark green tender skin and juicy flesh with small seeds.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Cucumber – Lemon - Spherical round to oval shaped broad fruit and has a mild pleasant taste which is sweeter and less acidic.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Cucumber – Marketmore - Constant producer of delicious, mildly sweet cucumbers with dark green protective skin.  Sow direct.

Cucumber – Muncher Burpless - Smooth glossy green fruit.  Skin is thin and tender with crisp flesh. Heavy producer.  Sow direct.

Cucumber – Straight Eight - Smooth, straight deep green fruits with rounded blunt ends.  Early, vigorous and prolific.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Cumin - Annual herbaceous herb. The seed is used for its distinctive flavour and aroma.  Seeds can be used grounded or whole.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Eggplant – Black Beauty - Tasty tender purplish black fruits. Plants produce 4-6 large fruit or more if kept harvested and well-watered.  Sow in direct.

Eggplant – Early Long Purple - Large purple fruit growing to 25cm.  Very tender, excellent flavour.  Sow in direct or in punnets.

Eggplant – Golden Egg - Traditional eggplant variety.  Pick gold egg sized fruits when young for best flavour.  Sow in direct or in punnets.

Eggplant – Greek - Elongated fruits are slightly curved. Fruits are purple with white striping.  Sow in direct or in punnets.

Eggplant – Little Finger - Great for Grilling.  Asian heirloom that yields dark purple fruit.  Very Prolific.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Eggplant – Louisiana - Large 20cm light green banana shaped fruit with pale stripes.  Is tender and mild with excellent quality.  Prolific yields.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Eggplant – Market Supreme - Large teardrop shaped fruit with a smooth, glossy, dark skin.  Sow in direct.

Eggplant – Rosa Bianca - Round fruit streaked with white and violet.  Plump and variably ribbed.  Mild, creamy taste.  Sow in direct.

Eggplant – Violet of Florence - Very large violet ribbed fruit with white shades around the calyx with white flesh.  Sow in direct or in punnets.

Honey Dew - Sweet, juicy and packed with vitamin C.  Honey Dew is round with greenish to yellow flesh.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Jicama - Mexican yam bean.  Frost tender requiring 9 months without frost for good harvest.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Lavender – French - Plants are drought tolerant and require little maintenance.  Used for its aromatic and healing properties. Sow direct or in punnets.

Okra – Burgundy - Pods are slender and elegant with 5 points.  Tall, open plants.  Flowers are also edible.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Okra – Clemson - Spineless tender ribbed pods with excellent flavour.   Small pods are tenderer.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Pumpkin – Australian Butter - Large peach coloured squash that has extra thick orange flesh.  Sow direct.

Pumpkin – Baby Blue - Compact bush variety, blue grey skin, orange flesh.  Sow direct.

Pumpkin – Butternut - Pear shaped with brightly coloured orange flesh.  They are sweet to taste and great pureed or made into soup.    Sow in punnets or direct.

Pumpkin – Golden Nugget - Prolific, long keeping variety with small orange flattened spherical fruits.  Sweet and finely textured.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Pumpkin – Jack Be Little - Trailing plant with small fruits for stuffing.  Orange flesh with deeply ribbed flattened fruit. Sow direct.

Pumpkin – Jap - Also known as Kent Pumpkins.  They have yellow-orange flesh that is soft and dry with a nutty flavour.  Sow in direct.

Pumpkin – Jarrahdale -  Smooth grey green skin with distinct ribs and a rich orange flesh. Ideal for roasting.  Sow direct.

Pumpkin – Kuri Blue - Japanese kabocha squash that has glove-shaped fruit with blue green skin.

Sow direct.

Pumpkin – Kuri Red - Great tasting sweet firm flesh with a delicate and mellow flavour similar to chestnuts.  Sow direct.

Pumpkin - Qld Blue - Australian variety that produces medium sized blue green skin pumpkins that are tasty and an excellent keeper.  Sow direct.

Pumpkin – Small Sugar - Prolific and handsome little pumpkin.  Skin is deep orang- yellow.  Fine grained sweet and sugary to taste.  Keeps well.  Sow direct.

Pumpkin – Turkish Turban - Striped orange fruit to 30cm with a hard striped skin that has a bump on the top of the fruit.  Sow direct or in punnets

Rhubarb – Victoria - Large, fat stems with bright red skin, lack of stringiness and a tart, apple-gooseberry flavour with a hint of lemon.  Sow in direct.

Rockmelon – Hales Best - Most popular – produces fruit that are sweet and aromatic.  Mildew resistant.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Spinach – Bloomsdale - Buttery nutritious leaves.  Yield is good and slow to bolt. Prefers warmer weather.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Spinach – Bordeuax - Stunning red stems and leaf veins.  Sweeter flavour and great salad leaf ingredient.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Spinach – Malabar Red - Green leafy vegetable.  Fleshy leaves and tender stems that are red.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Squash – Green Hubbard - Large dark green knobbly fruit with sweet dark orange Yellow flesh.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Tomato – Beefsteak - Heirloom variety grown for its flavour and size for slicing.  Meaty red fruit that matures late and s ideal as a fresh harvest in the latter part of the season.  Sow Direct.

Tomato – Black Russian - Grows on compact plants bearing plenty of dark mahogany brown fruits with a delicious blend of sugar and acid.  Sow Direct.

Tomato – Brandywine - Large fruits with deep pink skin and smooth red flesh.  Indeterminate.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Tomato – Cherry - Rounded, small fruited tomato.  Perfect size for skewers, salads and roasting.  Juicy, sweet and they have thin skins.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Tomato – Graf Zeppelin - Strong growing bush variety.  Producing rich flavourful medium sized delicious fruit.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Tomato – Green Zebra - Deep lime-green stripes.  Flesh is bright green and very rich tasting, sweet with a sharp bite.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Tomato – Grosse Lisse - Produces lots of large round red fruit packed with flavour. Grows on a robust vine that gets about 150cm tall.  Sow Direct.

Tomato – Mortgage Lifter - Developed in the 1930s.  Pink delicious rich sweet fruit. Plants are Intermediate.  Sow direct or in punnets.

Tomato – Oxheart - Fruit is heart shaped and bright pink in colour.  The flesh is meaty, sweet and has few seeds.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Tomato – Roma - Egg shaped when fully ripe.  Roma is a good canning and sauce tomato.   Sow in punnets or direct.

Tomato – Sweetie - Super-sweet red cherry tomato with high sugar content and full bodied tomato flavour.  Indeterminate tall vine.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Tomato – Tommy Toe - An indeterminate heirloom Tomato variety with good disease resistance.  It produces great tasting sweet and juicy red Fruit.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Watermelon – Charleston Grey - Classic oblong watermelon with medium grey green rind.  Red flesh is fibre free and very tasty.  Sow direct.

Watermelon – Crimson Sweet - Large round melons famous for its high sugar content and great flavour.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Watermelon – Sugar Baby - Small round melon.  Solid dark green on outside with bright red firm super sweet flesh. Sow direct.

Zucchini – Black Beauty - Dark green skin and creamy white flesh.  Will produce heaps in summer if picked regularly.  Sow in punnets or direct.

Zucchini – Gold - Bright golden colour and a delicious distinct zucchini flavour.  Sow in punnets or direct.

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