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The Greenhouse is a family run business that produces Organic vegetable seedlings/potted herbs.  We also do a range organic heirloom seeds.  Our little organic nursery is based in Craigie, Western Australia. My name is Leesa Caldwell and I am the owner/proprietor of The Greenhouse. I bought The Greenhouse back in 2002 when I needed a career change, and have never looked back.

For the past two and a halves years (2015-2017) I have been studying Western Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Nutrition. It was one of the most strenuous and exciting times of my life.  I thoroughly enjoyed every sleepless night doing all the assignment, the sleepless nights studying for exams, and the sleepless nights researching protocols for all my patients.  I have learnt so much that I am ready to share that knowledge with whoever is wanting to learn.

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In 2018 I opened Oaktree Herbal Clinic.  At my new Clinic I will be paracticing my Naturopathic practice and running a number of workshops where I will teach people how to "Grow their own Food and Medicine".  After running my nursery for 12 years, I truely believe that people would like to live healthier lives, but just dont know how.  To have a look at the workshops that we will hold visit workshops.

We are all in different places when it comes to our health.  Whether you are just discovering the power of whole foods and clean eating, have food sensitivites, ill health or wanting to lose weight the healthy way, you may be in need of some professional advice.  If you would like to know how I can help you click here to make an appointment to see me

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Grow your own Food and Medicine

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